What We Do – Methodology

Whether we’re executing a standalone marketing research survey or under retainer to serve as a client’s Chief Marketing Officer and team, every project we touch has a research foundation with the goal of providing actionable intelligence. No two companies, markets or products are exactly the same, but we typically follow these three steps for every project:

What do you need to know and what is the best way to acquire that data?
What are the most effective actions you can take to achieve your desired results?
What will compel your audience to interact with you, resulting in a mutually successful partnership?




Our Services



Companies spend up to half their budget acquiring new customers, yet most do not have a grasp of why they win or lose business. A combination of phone interviews and online surveys provides vital information for sales, marketing, and product development decisions. Win/Loss data highlights what your organization is doing well and where improvements are needed, increasing revenues by turning learning into results.



Customer satisfaction data provides an understanding of customer perceptions, needs and loyalties, allowing you to fine-tune customer interactions, react to customer feedback in real-time, identify necessary changes to products and processes, measure sales performance and improve marketing effectiveness. The result? Increased revenues, improved profitability and happy customers.



What do you need to learn about your market or product to make you more successful? OpenSky Research gathers qualitative and quantitative feedback to help organizations determine which new products and services are viable in the market, to test marketing messages or brand identities to select those that resonate best, or to gain status as an industry thought leader by publishing key market trends.


Vertical Marketing can open new doors and elevate your organization above the crowd through a demonstrated understanding of industry challenges and needs. OpenSky Research provides a Vertical Segmentation Analysis with customized content for your target markets, increasing the return on your marketing dollars and improving overall marketing effectiveness.



Research. Strategy. Action. Some organizations skip the first two steps and go straight to the action, which is fine in the short term. But to maximize every marketing dollar, we believe research and strategy are key steps to success. OpenSky Research can serve as a strategic consultant on specific projects, or write an organization’s entire Marketing Plan.



From the creation of sales tools, presentations and white papers – to website content, webinars and customer stories – to integrated marketing campaign design and execution, OpenSky Research can handle every facet of marketing communications for start-ups or resource-strapped marketing teams. Let us help your organization prioritize and execute intelligent marketing.

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