Anti-Spam Policy

Current Anti-Spam laws require all unsolicited emails to include a return email address or toll-free phone number that will let recipients stop future mailings. They require companies to honor that request indefinitely. If the email is commercial in nature (designed to sell you something), it must include the text “ADV:” at the beginning of the subject line. OpenSky Research does not send commercial emails.


  • Surveys are only sent to contacts from OpenSky Research Client Databases or through the rental of Anti-Spam, Opt-In Email Lists.
  • All emails from the OpenSky Research Opt-Out list are suppressed from new Client Mailings.
  • The subject line always relates to the body text.
  • An opt-out message with a link that allows the subscriber to opt-out from receiving future messages from OpenSky Research AND from the specific Client funding the survey is ALWAYS provided. This opt-out address will be maintained for at least one year.
  • Every email survey invitation provides a company URL, email address, physical address and phone number.


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